woman getting a head massage with cream in a spa

Our facials are customized for your individual needs, giving you visible results. Each stimulating facial includes cleansing, detailed skin analysis by an expertly trained professional, exfoliation, steaming, gentle extractions (as needed), facial massage, treatment mask and a moisturizer. During the masking process you are given the choice of either a hand/arm massage or a neck/shoulder massage.

Juliet — Classical Facial, 60 min. — $75

A deep cleansing facial customized to your specific skin type. Formulated to cleanse, repair and restore your skin. This treatment revitalizes your skin to a healthy glow.

Venus Facial, 75 min. — $90

A “pick me up.” It will leave the skin firm, refreshed, and healthy. This treatment consists of a soft lift-off mask with a cool feeling. Recommended for all skin types, especially irritated, sunburned and ultrasensitive skin.

Mediterranean Facial, 75 min. — $110

A potent blend of vitamin C combined with freeze-dried seaweed. Ideal for reducing fine lines and providing relief for dull, sun damaged skin.

Rose Blush Facial, 75 min. — $110

For skin with sensitivity. A calming, redness diffuser for hypersensitive skin. It contains green tea and licorice. Providing healing, soothing and decongesting effects for problems such as Rosacea, and dilated capillaries.

Helen of Troy Facial, 90 min. — $150


Advanced defense against aging using 100% pure Caviar. It visibly reduces your fine lines and wrinkles, improves elasticity, increases oxygenation, counteracts photo damage and delivers extreme hydration.

Godiva Facial, 75 min. — $110

Is an oxygenating mask with a vitamin C ampoule. This treatment is to oxygenate the surface of the skin with visible results. Vitamin C ampoule brings your skin back to healthy life. Not recommended for sensitive skin.

Luma Firm Facial, 75 min. — $115

Illuminates your skin with a firmer, tighter and more youthfully defined appearance. Ideal for any skin type, even the most sensitive skin, showing signs of aging and instantly gives you results to look your absolute best.

Teen Facial — $50

A unique facial that targets acne , smooths scars , controls oiliness and quickly stops bacteria. This facial also educates teens on proper skin care to help maintain healthy skin.

Lip and Eye Treatments — $50 or $35 with facial

Mona Lisa Lip Treatment — Utilizes a time released retinol to smooth wrinkles and effectively rejuvenate your lip contour.

Youthful Eye Treatment — A de-stress eye treatment for puffiness and wrinkles that is a must for tired eyes! Diminishes crow’s feet, hydrates and repairs the skin around the eye.

Express Facials — $40

For those with limited time availabilities, we offer an express to meet your specific needs.